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"Don’t let life pass you by without witnessing and teaching yourself how to care and love yourself.  Victor shows you how to live what you love."  --Cindy Balog, (Bonita, CA.)

"In a short period of time a positive and permanent change happened to me with this powerful workshop.  Thank you very much Victor  ;)"  --Rosa Miramontes (San Diego,CA.)

"I am learning to be in the here and now and to love who I am which makes me stronger both physically and mentally.  Thank you Victor." --Bertha Tirado (Bonita, CA.)

"Victor is extremely knowledgable and I definitely learned new things.  I'm so grateful he offered this workshops and shared his expertise."
--Robyn Sanders, Wellness Coach (Del Mar. CA)

"Over the years I had a fear of heights and falling.  When I used to see someone standing close to an edge, I would get a very uncomfortable feeling inside.  I never knew where it came from. During my live session with Victor,  he was standing on the edge of a..."
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