You will experience our natural essential oils to help, uplift and assist you during your guided meditations. For each meditation, we will choose the perfect essential oil to give you the greatest meditative benefits! 

Manifesting Meditation Hike @
Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve!!!

Do you enjoy meditating, hiking and being out in nature with amazing people?

Are you tired or desire a change from your normal indoor meditation space? 

Would you enjoy being guided deeply to receive more Wellness, Abundance and Self Love in a fun group setting?

We invite to our Manifesting Meditation Hike @ Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve!!!

Join us June 18th in one of San Diego's most popular trails and enjoy three profound guided meditations in our Beautiful Mother Nature!

Your participation, will allow you to experience 3 profound guided meditations on: 

Wellness Meditation:  Experience more Awareness, Acceptance and Appreciation for your Beautiful Body!  You will bring in more light, energy and healing throughout your body! 

Abundance Meditation: You will be aware of the infinite stream of Abundance that flows to you! Whether it's more money, travels, loving relationships or anything else, you will achieve alignment with the Universal Abundance that surrounds you everyday!!

Self Love Meditation:
 Feel your hearts truths of your Perfection, Power and Existence!  You will explore and enjoy the Infinite Love, Support and Guidance that the Universe provides to you! 

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~~Manifesting Meditation Hikes~~

Date: June 18th  9:45am to 1:00pm

Location: Canyonside Community Park (Towards the end of the parking lot, next to the sign)

Imagine for a moment now,  place where you can hike, meditate, laugh, connect, feel at peace and explore our beautiful mother nature with new friends all at the same time!  Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Our meditation hikes are for anyone and everyone who wants to take their meditation practice to another level, while taking a hike with our lovely mother nature. Whether you have been meditating for 10 years or 10 days, it does not matter. This amazing group is for all with open minds and hearts, who desire to learn, share and experience more Inner Peace, Self Love, Acceptance, Growth, Joy and Freedom!!!

We meet bi-monthly at various of beautiful and exciting trails throughout San Diego and experience different profound guided meditations. .

In each 'meditation hike', you will experience various of meditation themes in the areas of: Self-Love, Awareness, Appreciation, Acceptance, Alignment,  Abundance, Peace, Harmony, Growth, Joy and Freedom!!!

We are eager to meet you soon and share amazing meditative experiences in our beautiful mother nature!!!

~~Manifesting Meditations Journeys~~

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Investment:  $25 Online or $30 in person.  

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