~The Freedom Of Forgiveness~ 

     An Emotional Release Workshop!

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Time:  TBD

Investment:  $25 
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Contact:  619-259-7989

To keep this group intimate, space is limited to the first 10 registrations.

Early registration is recommend!

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Most of us have heard that...

holding on to anger, resentment and blame towards others is like drinking poison and expecting them to be hurt from it!

When you continue to hold grudges against others, you continue to hold yourself inprisoned from experiencing more Love, Joy and Freedom in your life! 

Forgiving is not for others, but Truly For Yourself!  

“How can I forget what this person did to me and pretend it never happened?” You might ask.... Well, the answer is YOU DON"T!  

Forgiveness is not about pretending the ‘wrong’ doing never happened or ‘trying’ to forget what had happened but more  giving yourself the freedom to let go of the ‘baggage’you are holding preventing you from moving forward to greater happiness in your life.  This ‘baggage’ of anger, guilt, and fear keeps you from truly being who you are!  

The essence of who you truly are is not anger but Love, not guilt but Joy, not fear, but FREEDOM!

Forgiveness frees us from being stuck in the past!

Join Master NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner, Victor Razee in this powerful workshop to experience effective and easy results through our hypnotic forgiveness process.! 

After completing our 'hypnotic forgiveness process', YOU WILL WALK AWAY feeling more aligned, ease and peace with yourself!

The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is attribute of the strong.  --Mahatma Gandhi  

Your investment to let go of your 'baggage' and experience more FREEDOM is: $25 

Don't want to come alone, Bring a friend for half off!

Questions?  Contact  Victor @ 619-259-7989 Email Victor@RazeeEmpowerment.com

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